El Centro Hispano

One important value of the Duke Midwifery Service (DMS) was community involvement. Despite the small size of the unit, Duke Midwives have collaborated and worked in many regional health facilities.

An award from the North Carolina Healthy Start Grant in 2009 allowed DMS to expand the Centering Pregnancy program to Spanish speaking women at El Centro Hispano, a center for Latino advocacy in Durham, North Carolina. DMS began teaching classes both for pregnant women and teenagers in the community. With El Centro Hispano, DMS provided education and guidance in birth options and preparation, family planning and safe sex practices.

Selection of Spanish language materials related to maternal health

Box 2, Duke Midwifery Service Records, Duke University Medical Center Archives

Duke Midwifery Services used pamphlets like the ones shown above to provide additional family planning information to Spanish speaking patients. Covering topics like fetus growth, breastfeeding and birth control, readers could take these printed items to learn more and make decisions privately.