Antionette (Ann) Milligan-Barnes

Antionette (Ann) Milligan-Barnes, RN, is a public health nurse and community advocate born in Durham, North Carolina. After completing her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from North Carolina Central University, she served in the United State Air Force Nurse Corps for 10 years. While working in Durham, Milligan-Barnes, a Black woman, worked at the segregated Watts Hospital, treating white patients, and was present during the establishment of the integrated Durham Regional Hospital in 1976. After returning to Durham, she worked at the Durham County Department of Public Health for over 20 years as a Public Health Nurse and Charge Nurse where she played a pivotal role in the Centering Pregnancy Program at the Department of Public Health where she later moved into the role of Centering Coordinator. Milligan Barnes retired in 2016.


Former Durham County Department of Public Health public health nurse and Centering Pregnancy coordinator Ann Milligan-Barnes discusses the impact of Centering Pregnancy on pregnant people and families in the Durham community.

Interview Transcript