Service Established

Duke Midwifery Service (DMS) is established under the Division of Maternal Fetal Medicine in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology when Amy MacDonald is hired as Duke’s first inpatient nurse-midwife.


Attending Deliveries

Duke Midwifery Service starts attending deliveries after running an OB triage unit for two years.


Lincoln Community Health Center

Duke Midwifery Service is contracted to provide prenatal cares services at DCHD Prenatal Clinic at Lincoln Community Health Center.


Centering Pregnancy

Through partnership with the Durham Health Department, DMS establishes the first site of Centering Pregnancy, a model program for group prenatal care.


Durham High Schools

Through funding from a NIH ACCESS Grant, the Duke Midwifery Service provided Centering Pregnancy care at Southern High School and Hillside High School.


El Centro Hispano

North Carolina Healthy Start Grant award allows for the creation of a clinic and expansion of the Centering program to Spanish speaking women at El Centro Hispano, a center for Latino advocacy in Durham, North Carolina.


Name Change

Duke Midwifery Service's name is changed to Duke Women's Health Services Teams when the Duke Midwifery Service integrated with Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant Services to create the Advance Practice Provider Service (APPs) under the Divisions of Maternal-Fetal Medicine and Gynecology.