Women in Duke Health (formerly Women in Duke Medicine) shares the stories of individual women in Duke Health and the context in which they took place. Oral history, the primary method of inquiry for this exhibit, is a unique format that allows for both.

This exhibit includes women from multiple fields in Duke Health. Many of them are pioneers or in some way “firsts” in those disciplines, so each has a unique historical perspective. For more context about these women, please see the timeline, as well as the individual biographies of each woman.

Women in Duke Health was originally created in 2008 from a joint project between the Duke Medical Center Archives and the Office of the Associate Vice Dean for Faculty Development led by Dr. Ann Brown. With generous funding from the Josiah Charles Trent Memorial Foundation, secured by Dr. Brown’s office, interviews were conducted by Jessica Roseberry, Oral Historian at Duke Medical Center Archives. The online exhibit design and creation were provided by Mira Waller, Archives Assistant Director.

Special Acknowledgments: Dr. Ann Brown, Joy Cunningham, Anna Robinson Brodeur, Mary Duke Biddle Trent Semans, Dr. Phyllis Leppert, Dr. Edward Halperin, Dr. Victoria Thornton, and Dr. Margaret Humphreys

In 2020, the exhibit was updated and expanded by the Medical Center Library & Archives Exhibits Committee: Rebecca Williams and Beverly Murphy (Co-Chairs), Michael Ravenel-Baker, Victor Gordon, Keondra Bailey, Caroline Waller, and McKenzie Long

There will always be women pushing boundaries in Duke Health. This is an ongoing project, so we welcome your feedback. Please contact us at dumc.archives@mc.duke.edu if you have suggestions, comments, or questions about this exhibit.