Amy MacDonald

Amy MacDonald, CNM, MSN, founded Duke Midwifery Service in 1999. As the first nurse midwife at Duke to provide full-scope care for obstetric and gynecology patients, she grew the Service in the following years to include ten midwifery providers. In this role and throughout her career at Duke, MacDonald provided care for patients, while also mentoring and providing didactic content for Duke medical, nurse practitioner (NP) and physician assistant (PA) students, Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine and OB/GYN residents in Duke’s large teaching hospital setting. MacDonald was the Director of Duke Midwifery Service until 2013, and remained at Duke as a Certified Nurse Midwife until 2021 while also serving in roles including Medical Instructor for Duke School of Medicine and Director of Duke Centering Practice Programs.


Duke Midwifery Service founder and former director Amy MacDonald discusses the history of midwifery in healthcare and the impact of the Midwifery Service on Duke Medical Center and the greater community.

Interview Transcript