Patient Care

The 65th General Hospital treated wounded soldiers who had been evacuated from front-line hospitals in Europe and also served as the first line of treatment for airmen of the 8th U.S. Air Force returning from their missions over Europe.

Unlike most general hospitals which received casualties that had been evacuated backward from the front lines through a series of medical corpsmen, first aid stations, and field and evacuation hospitals, the 65th treated freshly-and often severely-wounded airmen returning directly from bombing runs over Germany in bullet- and shrapnel-riddled airplanes. While the majority of other Army general hospitals remained comparatively idle during the build up to the D-Day invasion, the 65th handled a constant stream of casualties from heavy bomber crews as well as all of the acute diseases and emergency cases from the surrounding air bases. It was also a designated specialty center for neurosurgery, thoracic and plastic surgery, burns, and hand injuries from hospitals throughout eastern England.

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